Is lookah seahorse max dab pen different from seahorse pro

Most people get confused among the two when they get to know about the working of both. Actually lookah seahorse max dab pen is specially developed for wax dabbing. So now you must be confused that then, what’s the difference between the dab pen and pro collector, right?

So, that’s why I am here to resolve your confusion. Thus, lookah seahorse pro is a multi-working device but still, it is less compatible in working with lookah seahorse max dab pen. The reason behind this is that it is more versatile in design and comes with a 950mAh battery.

This battery is huge for the brilliant vape sessions. But no its features or uniqueness doesn’t end here. So it provides pure flavor and the great addition of a bubbler makes this max dab pen more prominent among all other devices.

What are the updated features of the lookah seahorse pro max dab pen?

Considerably lookah max dab is the ultra version of seahorse pro. This dab pen comes in origin after the remarkable success of seahorse pro. Thus the manufacturers have upgraded many features of this max dab pen to make them superior among all.

Hence these updated factors are the core reasons behind the popularity of these astonishing dab pens:

Bubbler Addition-Provides Creamy Vapes

If you’re unfamiliar with a bubbler, then you can read our glass bubbler article, that’s specially written to make you people aware about this. The glass bubbler in the lookah seahorse pro max dab pen provides the creamy rich flavor of smoke.

You know that when it lets the concentrate burn it smells like burnt caramel. Thus the infusion of these flavors makes the smoker amused and he forgets all the things of this temporary world. Hence it allows easy vaping with pure flavors.

Best Percolator Dab Pen-Maximum Ripping Of Vape

The dab pens are developed to inhale the waxy cartridges. There would be a separate device for this purpose, but thanks to lookah that has the solutions for all our problems. Lookah has launched two devices that provide dual-use.

Hence, it means that now it is possible to get dry and waxy both hits with these vape devices as per your choice. Thus here you’ll never experience scorching smoke or the cough while dabbing. Therefore, this dab pen is designed such that it provides smooth and regular hits.

How to use this lookah max dab pen?

The process is the same as that of the seahorse pro. Thus there will be no difference in use. But yes, you’ll find it far easier because in this version you’ll need to press just one button for 15-20 seconds only.

The lookah max dab pen has modes that are similar to the exclusive and manual modes. So you can choose the one which suits you. Additionally, the torchlight is also available that retains heat, like the seahorse pro along with the 1.2 ohms resistance. So the parallel voltage is 3.2, 3.4, 4.1V with low, medium, and high hotness modes.

Lookah seahorse max dab pen accessory kit

Max dab pen kit is a bit different from the accessory kit of lookah seahorse pro. Let’s dig into this:

·         Seahorse dab pen (max)

·         Detachable percolator

·         Stand assembly feature available

·         A mouthpiece with the lid

·         Coil with tips

·         Battery (950mAh)

·         Cleaning brush

·         USB wire

·         Instructional booklet

Specs of lookah seahorse max dab pen

So, these are some of the specifications that I like the most. Thus the first one would be that it is very easy to clean and has the instant heating ability. It consists of a more powerful battery along with a charger and also supports the 510 oil cartridges.

The bottom line

On the whole, we can’t deny the fact that the lookah seahorse max dab pen is more proficient than that of the seahorse pro. It has all the abilities that the best dab pen should have.

Lookah has provided all the essential features like percolator, bubbler, battery, tips, coils, etc after upgrading them in terms of working.

So what else can you ask for? Try them out and do let us know about your experience. Enjoy!




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