Whether you work from home, art is a great way to personalize your space and inspire yourself. Our favorite way to do this is to create a rotating gallery. To get started, you need to install a long floating style shelf in or near your workplace. The beauty of this is that this is what you have to hang on to! The next is the fun part, where you can pick up the assortment of artwork that inspires you. Imagine a good mood group, positive pictures or works of artists are good places to start you.

You want to combine different sizes of large and small, so the possibilities are endless. For a little look you can put everything in identical frames or in all different frames to add some characters. You can rotate or refresh these pieces whenever you get bored, no need for nails.

One of the questions designers often ask is, “How do I choose the right artwork?”. There are some suggestions to make sure you choose the right painting for a particular place. Painting helps to define the personality of the homeowner and their location. This can be useful for tying some .The great thing about art is that it is an investment that you can take with you when you invest, and may even grow in value over time. You do not have to take out a second mortgage; You can spend as little or as much as you want.

For the Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the most commonly forgotten rooms for artwork. The kitchen is often referred to as the “beat  of the house” and in many cases the most used room in the house. No question, wall art should be incorporated here. The space above the countertops or boxes is the perfect home for art. To keep the art in the details, lean towards the smaller pieces. We tend to go with fun or more social prints that make you laugh and make breakfast easier!

For the Bedroom


The bedroom is a retreat, a place to relax and the artwork should reflect it. Wall painting for the bedroom should be directly above the bed or on the wall opposite the bed. Larger sized pieces are best and should be hung at eye level. Look for abstract canvas painting with pleasant colors or tones. If you are modern, landscapes or depreciating painting will work best. Keep frames to a minimum – gallery frame or canvas works well. Here, we want to focus on the art area itself, not so much on its character.

For the Living Room


The most fun room to decorate with Modern art  paintings , and in most cases, the most intimidating living room. Living room is the place for relaxation because this is the room where most of your guests will see and spend time. Choosing the right wall painting for living room is fundamental to triggering a conversation and setting the feeling or vibration of the space.

You can choose a large size painting or a large gallery wall. Sometimes you have to think outside the law. Art does not have to be a print or canvas, sometimes it can take other forms. As an art form known to provide an artistic appeal to even the most ordinary things, it makes an excellent choice for home decor. From adding sophistication and elegance to transforming your space into one full of mystery and drama, these are the best options to consider when re-modeling your space. Painting can definitely bring an awesome look to your home !If you are interested to buy paintings Indianartzone has something unique to offer for everyone!

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