Do you Need a Window Replacement? Some reasons are quite obvious like chilly air gushing in or rotting frames. “A stitch in time saves nine” having replaced your windows earlier, can have a great effect on your life in the long run.  For REPLACEMENT WINDOWS downriver mi chigan explains to you here 5 reasons why you should have one. Let’s dig in.

Water Leakage

After a light downpour, if water starts to leak inside your windows, you must definitely get them replaced. Continuous moisture can lead to mold growth. The longer you delay your window replacement, the more serious the issue can become. Mold spore inhalation can cause serious respiratory illness.


Having Drafty Windows

Drafty windows make furnaces working overtime and drive up energy costs. In the winters, lack of insulation fails to keep the house warm, consequently you can end up catching a cold. Getting a new set of windows helps keep your home comfortable when the temperature fluctuates over the course of the year. You will see a significant effect on your monthly utility bills due to lowered heating and cooling costs. It’ll also boost the resale value of your home.

Security Reasons

Maybe you have an old house that has settled around the frame or have had an incorrect installation that might have resulted in balance issues. Windows that don’t close properly may not lock and create safety issues. Keeping the home safe is everyone’s biggest priority. If you have installed the latest security gear to increase your house safety. Consider replacing your windows too.

Visible Damage & Decaying Frames

Windows should open and close easily and must create a tight seal against leaks. If you face difficulty in opening and closing your windows or you have cracked or broken glass panes which are decaying and damaged. It’s a clear sign you need to change your frames. Built-up moisture and water damage rot window frames and cause mold growth in them.


Sound Insulation

If you live in a busy neighborhood, adequate sound insulation and absorption is your most essential need. Double Glazing offers you proper insulation and soundproofing, increases energy efficiency and helps maintain thermal efficiency up to 80 percent.

Which Season Is Best For Window Replacements?

Late Spring or Early Summers both are the best times to replace your windows. Because the weather is in optimal condition. It’s best to say that it’s “Warm but not too warm”. Carrying out the project in this weather will prevent unwanted cold drafts from entering your home.


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